Pivot to Performance Video: Dawn Snyder

Session 4 of 7. The aim of this series is to highlight the important shift that some L&D leaders and practitioners have made in order to more predictably and reliably affect individual and organizational performance, achieving much more as a consequence.

From LinkedIn

Dawn M. Snyder helps organizations improve performance by crafting the right learning strategy and designing effective curricula to support critical initiatives and workforce/talent development. She consults on learning and performance strategies, curriculum architecture, performance assessment, evaluation and change management.

Dawn has a proven track record of bringing practical, cutting-edge solutions to organizations who want to take performance to the next level. She helps these organizations achieve results using an interdisciplinary approach. She is the go-to consultant for initiatives that impact global learning and performance and talent development.

This video is 55:18 minutes in length.

Some of the Resources Dawn mentioned:


Hale, J. A. (2007). The performance consultant’s fieldbook: Tools and techniques for improving organizations and people (2nd. ed.). Jossey-Bass.

Rothwell, W. J., Hohne, C. K., & King, S. B. (2018). Human Performance Improvement: Building Practitioner Performance (3rd. ed.). Routledge.

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Van Tiem, D. M., Moseley, J. L., & Dessinger, J. C. (2012). Fundamentals of Performance Improvement: Optimizing Results Through People, Process, and Organizations (3rd. ed.). Pfeiffer.


Association for Talent Development https://www.td.org

Dawn Snyder Associates https://www.dawnsnyderassoc.com

Hale Center https://halecenter.org/hale-associates

HPT Treasures https://hpttreasures.wordpress.com

International Society for Performance Improvement https://ispi.org/default.aspx The L&D Accelerator https://ldaccelerator.com/

Connect with:

Connect with Dawn Snyder at LinkedIn:

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This video is 23:11 minutes in length.


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