One Year Ago Today I Published My 15th Book

Conducting performance-based Instructional Analysis – at Amazon – here – for $20 for the Kindle and $25 for the Paperback (USD – prices subject to change without notice).

And since this book came out I have published two more.

All are on what is today becoming known as Learning Experience Design – and Development.

Or – Learning Experience Analysis – Design – Development. LXADD.

A Review From Just the Other Day

From Connie Malamed – here. And from an exchange on Twitter … “… a true classic.”

ISD and/or LXD?

I’m okay with another “name change” in the profession – my only hope is that it bears more fruit than the last name change. And that the Poor Practices – a focus on Topics vs Tasks & Outputs – comes to an Inglorious End.

Early Reviews for book #15.

See all of my books on my Amazon Authors Page:


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