Nerdy Shop Talk 009 – Defining Correct Performance – The least sexy ID topic?

Thanks to Julie Dirksen and Tracy Parish for hosting Dave Ferguson and me on their podcast a week ago.

Dave and I were big fans of the late Joe Harless – and this coming Friday we celebrate Brother Joe’s birthday. RIP Joe. RIP.

Defining Correct Performance

With Dave Ferguson and Guy Wallace

So, we’ve all gotten the “we need training” request from the stakeholder that has no clear performance goals, no specific problem they are trying to solve, and no one person who can decide what it is they actually want learners to do. Some topics are much harder to define performance for than others. Procedural steps for a software task are often quite easy to define, while correct performance for people management can be much more difficult to nail down.

What are the best ways to get a clear definition of correct performance, and is it indeed the least sexy ID topic you can talk about?

This video is 61:15 minutes in length.

See the past Nerdy Shop Talk episodes at:

Thanks, Julie and Tracy for the invitation to participate!


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