Overview: Donald Clark’s New Book: Learning Experience Design

Yesterday afternoon I finished Donald Clark’s latest book while at my Optional (Weather Depending) Outdoor Office.

I found his new book to be extremely informative about the state of L&D and the technology available and how that might be taken advantage of – without the breathless enthusiasm too often accompanying pieces on what the technology offers us today.

He includes cautionary notes – that would/should put the brakes on rushing headlong into the unknown – just because you can. Should you? What should you consider?

I found that refreshing.

I also found many parts of the book reinforcing – as it is well-grounded in the Science of Learning as THAT has become known more lately. It used to be known under the collective heading of Research-Based ISD – back in the day. Then Evidence-Based ISD.

Donald’s depth of knowledge amazes me – not just in this book, or his first from last year – but in his online presentations. I jokingly accused him of having Doug (his dog) hold up cue cards as he spoke with the many references to “the relevant literature” that he peppers throughout his talks.

I have met only a few people over the past 40 years who have all of that at the tips of the tongues in their presentations – to this extent. I wondered out loud if he has a photographic memory.

When his first book, Artificial Intelligence For Learning, came out last year, I told my wife that I wanted our 13-year-old grandson to read it someday, once I had finished it.

You should check them both out – and here is his Author’s Page at Amazon: https://amzn.to/31CfbsD

And you can watch the video that Donald did with me on his first book in my “A Chat with Authors” video from last October – here.

I highly recommend this and Donald’s first book to our fellow travelers in the world of performance-based T&D, L&D, and now LXD – meaning – our focus is on improving the performance of people in the workplace.


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