Pivot to Performance Video: Filip Lam

Session 5 of 7. The aim of this series is to highlight the important shift that some L&D leaders and practitioners have made in order to more predictably and reliably affect individual and organizational performance, achieving much more as a consequence.

Adapted from LinkedIn

Filip Lam is the Head of Learning and Development at Klarna where in a series of roles since 2015, he has been responsible for: setting up the overall structure and direction of the Training Academies, including internal alignment with management, leadership team and departments; Setting up budget plans for the team and negotiate with internal and external stakeholders and vendors; Driving implementation of insight-led selling or Challenger sales; Building Sales coaching training with external vendors aligned with Challenger sales; Building a leveled Competency model and driving training opportunities to support growth within the model; Setting up 2x annual global commercial training summits including workshops, speakers etc.; Provide management with talent and employee analysis based on data from employee surveys and other sources, including statistical analysis; Designing and setting up interview training for hiring managers; Driving innovation in learning and sharing of best practices with the implementation of LinkedIn learning, Knowly Virtual Coaching and Get Sandwhich Speaker platforms.

This video is 54:12 minutes in length and was recorded on 2021-11-17.

Connect with Filip Lam at LinkedIn:

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After our start with Ken Yates from the University of Southern California, on September 22, 2021 we followed up with the following…


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