Thinking Like a Product Manager in L&D

I was listening to another Greg Williams podcast yesterday – where he interviewed 2 Product Managers – who also have a podcast that I’ve just subscribed to, called: “Path Into Product” – as I have always thought about L&D in those kinds of terms.

And for me – a Product Management AND Engineering/Architectural approach to L&D Products and Services – is concerned with ReUse across the Product Line – “AS IS” or “AFTER MODIFICATION” – to save first costs and life cycle costs.

I use my 5 Tier Inventory Scheme to facilitate ReUse (but it’s slightly more complex than just using this inventory scheme) with is one part of an overall ECA – Enterprise Content Architecture:

Here is my T&D Systems View Clockface – from my 2001 book: T&D Systems View – and check out 5 and 6 and 7 O’Clocks.

Those three clock positions – and the processes that underlie them, are my view of a Product Management approach to managing the Products & Services of T&D/L&D/LXD – based on my work at Motorola as an employee (1981-1982) when I did my first T&D Path using the initial approach to Curriculum Architecture Design (CAD), before, as a consultant I did 76 CAD efforts.

And then the extensive work I did with AT&T Network Systems Product Management 1986-1994. Here is the 2nd iteration of their Path (updated in 1989/1990 from the 1986 original).

Then I covered managing L&D as a Product Manager – at the core in this 2011 book:


See all of my books on my Amazon Authors Page:

And check out my podcast with Greg Willams from September 2021 – here.


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