IMO – Engagement Is Not Sufficient

In an Enterprise Learning Context

Although I would agree that it is necessary – most of the time (not ALL of the time).

But it is not sufficient. Especially for skills and Performance Competence – depending on the Prior Knowledge – the incoming awareness, knowledge, and skills – to a Learning Experience.

Sometimes a simple Job Aid or Self-Paced reading might be sufficient.

Nor is applying the Science of Learning – if the Content is not Accurate, Complete, and Appropriate given the Performance Requirements Back-on-the-Job.

Your Learning Experience must be focused on the Performance Competence requirements of your Learners back-on-the-job. Or it is unlikely to Transfer – and then any chance of Impact is most likely lost.

If you are not addressing the HOW TO apply knowledge and skills in the WorkFlow/Process – to produce Worthy Outputs that Meet Stakeholder Requirements – then all the engagement and Learning Sciences won’t transfer for most – and will not have the impact desired.

You’ll not “go that last mile” and you will force the Learner into Informal and/or Social Learning means – that may or may not be ultimately Effective. In any event, it won’t be Efficient.


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