Inch By Inch – Page By Page: Structured Social Learning for Enterprise Performance Impact – Is Coming Along

The Proof for Book #18 arrived late last night.

My next project is conducting a thorough review, making updates to the master, and then sending it out to the 4 (or 5) Early Review Team volunteers for their reviews, general/specific feedback, and possible quotes for the book’s interior and for my marketing efforts.

This book is about Structured OJT (as I referred to this “Coached” Deployment Mode going back into the early 1980s) as opposed to Un-Structured OJT – which later became better known as Informal Learning. These were just two of many options I used when doing a Curriculum Architecture Design (CAD) project with my clients.

My very first consulting gig on Day 1 as a consultant, on November 1, 1982, was to assist my client (Exxon Exploration USA) with creating two Modules and a template, for a CAD effort I had done for Ray Svenson over a couple of weekends while I was still an employee at Motorola.

Subsequent consulting projects had me (and my colleagues) doing similar work, where we were always focused on terminal performance back at the ranch (so to speak – or back-on-the-job, if you prefer) which I learned back in August of 1979 on my first day out of college to define as “Outputs and Tasks” and the requirements for both.

IMO – Structured Social Learning is akin to Structured OJT or Structured Apprenticeship approaches (my clients often changed my language to better fit with their context).

Social Learning – as written about most of the time – seems to me to be on the Informal end of the continuum – as while that is sometimes just fine when the Stakes are Zero-to-Low – it is not fine when the Stakes are Medium-to-High or VERY HIGH in terms of the Risks and Rewards “at Stake” and a more Formal approach is called for. IMO. IMX.

So – when the Stakes are high for HIGH Stakes Performance – and neither Self-Paced nor Group-Paced Modes of Instruction are not a good fit for the situational variables – a Coached approach might be best with “highly structured guidance” for the Coach (and maybe for the learner/Performer too).

Anyway, I hope to have this book available by the end of January, 2022.

GIF – a little background to perhaps whet your appetite…

So now I’ll have to put Book #19 down for a few days – as it’s already in progress. And book #20. Both have already been started. And there’s a #21 with an outline. The completion and release may change from their current numbers – as they already have for the past 4 books. I work on whatever strikes me and then I might put it away for a week or month or longer before going back to it.

Some people, like my mentors, the late Geary A. Rummler, PhD, and the late Ray Svenson, both failed at retirement – and it would seem that I am following in their footsteps in that regard as well.

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