Instructional Currentz Video w/ Gary DePaul on a New Leadership Development Whitepaper

Adapted from LinkedIn

Gary helps executives and management strengthen their allyship and engagement with employees and customers. He does this individually or with groups.

He helps HR and talent development departments analyze leadership needs (as they relate to the future of the business) and design or evaluate their leadership-development programs.

Gary does research on these topics:

– Leadership
– DEI and allyship
– HRBP development
– Culture growth

To help him effectively consult and add value to organizations, he has developed and leveraged his expertise in these areas:

– Performance Improvement
– Talent Development and Management
– Analysis and evaluation

As a steward, Gary runs a podcast series entitled “Unlabeled Leadership.” He also blogs and writes other publications to share his expertise.

The Video

This video is 20:23 minutes in length.

Here is the Whitepaper: Reflections on Leadership Development

Connect with Gary

His website:

From there you can get to his Blog and Podcast.

Instructional Currentz Video Series

This video series is intended to focus on current Instructional Systems Design/ Instructional Design/ Learning Experience Design “Topics, Tools, and Techniques” with Thought Leaders and Practitioners.

See the entire collection of Instructional Currentz videos – here.


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