Video: Pivot to Performance Panel Session & Grand Finale for 2021

Session 7 of 7 for 2021

L&D’s Pivot to Performance is a Virtual Webinar Series in 2021 sponsored by David James of Looop and Guy W. Wallace of EPPIC Inc.

The aim of our series is to highlight the important shift that some L&D leaders and practitioners have made in order to more predictably and reliably affect individual and organizational performance, achieving much more as a consequence.

The Video

This video is 58:53 minutes in length and was recorded on 2021-12-15.

A special thanks to all 6 of our guests for this virtual series during 2021:

  • Ken Yates
  • Filip Lam
  • Anne-Marie Burbidge
  • Dawn Snyder
  • Sebastian Tindall
  • Steve Villachica
Virtual Series - L&D's Pivot to Performance

See all of the YouTube videos for free on David James’ YouTube Channel – here — or on Guy Wallace’s website – here.

Stay tuned for the Pivot to Performance 2022 – sometime in the Fall of 2022!


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