Ignore Process Stakeholders at Your Peril

Einstein: “Everything should be as simple as it can be, but not simpler.”

What kind of Requests are you fielding?

High Stakes Performance is often complex. Improving it will likely take more than Slogans, Exhortations, or Learning Experiences to improve a Process in need of Improvement.

But sometimes the Request is driven by the needs of New Hires. Not necessarily a Problem with the Process and its Outputs.

Learning Experiences IMO – need to address authentic Process Performance that’s required back on the Job.

And Learning Experiences need to address the Bahvioral tasks as well as the Cognitive Tasks necessary before, during, and after each Behavioral Task.

If your Request is driven by a Problem or Opportunity with The Process Itself and its Outputs – then you need to dive deeper into your Performance Toolkit – beyond, but perhaps including Instruction.

And you’ll need to conduct an Analysis and then perhaps redesign of The Process Itself.

Processes should be as Rigorous as Required,
and as Flexible as Feasible.

Processes have Stakeholders – who also have Stakeholders. Ignore them at your peril. Whether you are creating Instruction/ Learning Experiences – or redesigning Processes.

Performance-Based Instruction and Learning Experience Design – Ain’t Simple.

But it is doable.


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