Some Feedback From Late 2021

Linked Message 2021-12-22

Hello Guy!

It was recently recommended to me to check out your book: lean-ISD. I am so glad that I followed their advice and wanted to reach out to say thank you for your contributions to ISD/LXD!



Thanks, Dan!

The book was meant to be a set of bookends, an advance organizer and then a reference, for a series of workshops that I had created for a 5-year project at General Motors, where I and my staff trained and certified hundreds of GM employees and their subcontractors.

So it didn’t get into the “how-to” components, which I’ve recently tried to do with the first books in a new series (starting in 2020).

All 17 of my current books may be seen on my Author’s page at Amazon:

And there’s soon to be an 18th book – as it’s currently out for Early Reviews for feedback for my final editing:

And I’m currently working on my 19th book as well:

Note: Title and Cover subject to change.

And then there are two more books that I’ve already outlined to start after #19 is out.


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