My Daymare in the Metaverse

Triggered by recent Blog Posts (3) by Donald Clark, and Twitter exchange yesterday with Nick Shackleton-Jones – got me thinking about this Metaverse thing – already started – but unevenly distributed, of course.

From Donald Clark’s 3 Posts – in Part 3:

Owning a Metaverse is one thing, owning the discourse and language of the Metaverse is another. Note how we’re all now using an invented and owned Facebook brand the ‘Metaverse’ to even talk about this. I get the feeling that we’re being suckered.

People in the Metaverse

Commentary on Tech swings from utopian to dystopian, from hype to horror in a flash. But the Metaverse could turn out to be a crime-ridden scamfest, full of fakery, rug-pulls, NFT frauds and cryptocurrency BS. The real world has plenty of crime and scams, as does the existing online world but the Metaverse may actually create worlds where this is made so much easier. No one can hear you scream in cyberspace. We may all have our digital twin in the Metaverse but there will be swarms of Jekyll and Hyde twins to deal with.

My Short Video

Call me a metaskeptic. That’s metaokay. I will wait and see. This video is 90 seconds in length.

Yes – all in fun. I’ll wait and see.

Donald Clark’s 3 recent Blog Posts for your weekend enjoyment.

Part 1: Philosopher of the Multiverse – Baudrillard

Part 2: 20 reasons why the Metaverse may not work out as we think it will

Part 3: Metaverse – a look into the possible abyss

Next for Me…

So, near the top of my reading list, that I bought as a Kindle just a couple of weeks ago:

Neil Stephenson’s 1992 novel Snow Crash.


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