Collecting and Culling for Curation

If Culling Isn’t Part of Your Process and Practices in Curation…

… you end up with huge haystacks with fewer valuable needles.

Or … a higher than desired CWR – Chaff-to-Wheat Ratio.

Empathy for the Users

And that makes it less useful, and much more work for the audiences for your Curated Content.

And perhaps they’ll simply quit checking it to meet their needs before and during their Process/WorkFlow Performance.

Requirements for the Curator

Curators have to be very clear on the Performance Requirements of their audiences, and exactly what awareness, knowledge, and skills that the targeted Performance Requirements require.

Only then can they Collect and Cull appropriately – and pare down the haystacks to something manageable – and then organize it according to some framework that reflects the totality of the Job.

Job Frameworks

Here are a couple of examples of a Job Framework.

These frameworks are used in this next organizing scheme/framework.

I would then sort the Culled Curated Content further, into my 5-Tier Inventory Framework – and make it available/accessible to the Target Audiences using this scheme.

5-Tier Inventory Framework

I’ve been using this framework since the 1980s – as my CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design and my MCD – Modular Curriculum Architecture Development methods both look for ReUse potential in the Analysis Phases.

And in MCD Design (the ADDIE-like Level of ISD/LXD) I would tag each chunk of Content – at the Event level, at the Lesson level, and at the Instructional Activity level per this Inventory scheme/framework. Job Aids (Resources) also get placed into this framework – in Tier 3, or 4, or 5, as appropriate.

Some Content – Curated or Developed – is shareable and some need to be unique.

And all of it can be either PUSHED or PULLED – as appropriate to the Target Audiences.

This 5-Tier Inventory Structure was covered in my 2011 book:

Performance-Based Curriculum Architecture Design

And it will be covered in a future book – outlined but not yet started.

See all 17 – and soon to be 18 – of my books on my Amazon Authors Page:


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