My Product Management Approach to L&D

I have been thinking about T&D/L&D in a Product Management sense since 1981 when as an employee I supported Motorola’s Manufacturing, Materials, and Purchasing functions – who were like the tails of the dog – being wagged by Product Management via Engineering.

In fact, Manufacturing wagged Materials who in turn wagged Purchasing who wagged Suppliers.

I worked supporting Motorola’s product systems and began seeing T&D (1981) in a similar manner – where different end Systems could be made up of shared and unique Products, made up of shared and unique Sub-Assemblies, made up of shared and unique Components, made up of shared and unique Piece Parts.

I was learning about MRP and MRP II, which later became ERP. I brought all of that into my thinking about T&D, and then into my role as an ISD Consultant starting in November of 1982.

Some of my books addressed this.

A short Video – 1:20 minutes in length.

See all 17 – soon to be 18 – of my books on this Amazon Authors Page:


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