Performance-Based Lesson Mapping for ISD/LXD

My 2021 book on Lesson Mapping…

Back in the late 1970s I learned about Backward Design – which we did after Backward Analysis.

Backward Analysis is when you start with the terminal Output and then look at Stakeholder Requirements & Measures, and then Tasks and their Stakeholder Requirements & Measures – and then look at enabling Knowledge & Skills.

Backward Design is when you start with Performance Objectives, then Learning Objectives, then the Performance Test, and perhaps a Knowledge Test, then Practice w/ Feedback, Demonstrations and then … finally … the K/S required (in as minimal amount as possible).

Oh – and Backward Development followed the same pattern as Backward Design.

And then Test, Test, Test.

Analysis Data Feeds Lesson Maps

Lesson Mapping – Book Review by Bill Brandon

Read Bill’s Review at The Learning Guild’s Learning Solutions – here.

A Couple of GIFs

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2 Webinars on Lesson Mapping

This video is 1:04:17 hours:minutes in length.

This video is 40:38 minutes in length.

A Chat with Authors – Britz Interviews Wallace

This video is 1:04:06 hours:minutes in length.

Early Reviews

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