Processes Robustness to the Ebb & Flow

The Ebb and Flow of WorkFlow Volume

Some of the ebb and flow in business volume is fairly predictable – in terms of the peaks and valley and the timing. It might be seasonal – such as when to stock up on snow shovels.

And other ebbs and flows in the business volume are fairly predictable – but perhaps just not the timing aspect.

Perhaps it floods in your locale on occasion. You know it will happen but you just don’t know when.

This begs the question regarding your Planning efforts – for best case, worst case, and typical case. And depending on the “lead-times” required to get whatever you need for peak volumes – you watch for predictive indicators early and often.

In some cases, this means having additional people ready to step in and help with the WorkLoad in the WorkFlow. And that requires Cross-Training.

Are you planning for that? Do you know where you’ll go and who you wish to get – BEFORE the need arises?

Should you have done your homework early – your contingency planning early? And kept it evergreen/up-to-date?

Is there something that you should attend to right now – because you are already late to the Planning Exercise?

I’ll excuse you now.

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