Once Upon a Time: From My Project Files

I got an email a few years ago from someone who wrote:

“I have a handout from an NSPI session
you did in 1992 on
Curriculum Architecture Design.
Do you still do that kind of work?”

The answer was YES – and that led to a conversation with this person’s boss about some critical work they needed to do. I discussed the standard approach and some typical variations – and the cost ranges – and the boss said, “Yes, let’s do that. Send me a Proposal, so that I can get the funding.”

So I did – but she then balked at the price tag. And wanted to do just the Analysis, and then the Design later – and her team would do the Development.

And … for me to take out all of the interactions with the “proposed” Project Steering Team – composed of the logical clients – who would play the role of PST Chairperson – and all of the other business leaders who had “stakes” in the effort and the results.

That was the first Warning Sign.

After conducting the Analysis effort on what my new client thought was the most critical of the 5 key jobs that were in their team’s scope of responsibility – it was “discovered” that the job we focused on wasn’t the top priority of the leadership team – and time and money had now been spent on what they perceived – as leaders – on low hanging fruit.

That client is now seeking happiness elsewhere. And it could have been avoided – the mistargeting of our efforts. The PST can be formed and worked with, in a more formal – to a less formal – manner.

And that should be their call.

The PST GRM – the Project Steering Team Gate Review Meeting – is a formal “gauntlet” to be run by me and the handpicked Master Performers and Other Subject Matter Experts.

It is both a “Command & Control” mechanism for the Stakeholders – and an “Empowerment” mechanism for me and the Analysis, Design, Development, and Pilot-Test Teams in an Instructional Development effort – to produce Job Aids/Performance Support and/or Training/Learning Experiences – that are focused on the terminal Performance Requirements back-on-the-job for the learners/Performers.

These last 5 books – all published since 2020 – each address aspects of working with the PST.

See all 19 of my books on my Amazon Authors Page: https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B08JQC4C4V


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