The Power of the Performance Model Chart and the Project Steering Team

This unsolicited testimonial was from one of the hundreds of people my staff and I trained at what became General Motors University (1995-2000) – who then left the consulting firm that they had been with, in the Detroit area, and joined another L&D organization in downtown Chicago.

This is from my Quarterly Newsletter from the Winter of 1998/1999…

Past Post (2011):

Capturing Ideal Performance and Gap Analysis On One Page – The Performance Model Chart

Used for Instructional Analysis – and Performance Improvement Analysis for my PACT and EPPI methodology-sets respectively.

Once you have established the chunks of Performance – the Areas of Performance – such as the performance chunks of an ADDIE, or a DMAIC model – you are ready to detail those AoPs on the Performance Model charts.

See that past post – here. I have been using a Performance Model chart format since 1979. It is central to my performance-based ISD/LXD methods as well as my HPT/PI methods.

Meaning: my Instructional Systems Design/Learning Experience Design & Human Performance Technology/Performance Improvement methods.

Most all of my published articles and books address the use of the Performance Model and/or the power of using a Project Steering Team.

See all of my books, 19 to date – here at:


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