The WELL: For Facilitating ReUse of Originals & Derivatives in ISD/LXD Efforts

To Reduce Costs and Cycle Times

While working with my Product Management and Sales clients at AT&T Network Systems – in 1987 – I discovered that they had a Repository of documents on the corporate Intranet – that were intended to be reused “as is” or after modification” by their sales management and staff – pre-approved Sales Contracts and standard “deviation” clauses in the “Ts & Cs – Terms & Conditions” – pre-approved by their Legal staff.

That sped up the whole Sales Contracting process.

So I borrowed the idea – for my consultant and production staff at SWI – Svenson & Wallace, Inc.

Items in The WELL included: stock photos, graphics, video, audio, architected text, etc. – various components of Instructional Content that might be ReUsed either “As Is” or “After Modification.”

See my Past Post (from 2011) on this – here.

And my Spring 2007 Quarterly Newsletter (see pages 12 and 13) – here.

If you don’t have something akin to my “WELL” accessible to everyone – why not?


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