What Percentage of Your L&D Products Can Be Categorized As Near vs Far Transfer?

From the National Institue for Direct Instruction

“… the research-based perspective is that far transfer in education doesn’t usually occur – leading to one possible conclusion exemplified by the statement: What you teach is what you get, and where you teach it is where you get it (anon). In other words, directly teaching the requisite academic skills has produced superior outcomes to process training.” 

That’s why my approach to “Instructional Architecture” and “Instructional Development” and “Developing Performance Tests” ALWAYS starts with a model of Performance that then enables deriving the Enabling Knowledge & Skills – to feed Design – to feed Development.

My new series of Mini Books – to be finished after I wrap up another Book project (Aligning & Architecting Performance-Based L&D) – I have several mini-books that address this:

I hope to have these out – as I’ve now got the early proofs for the First 7 – starting by the end of this month – March 2022. I forsee about 18-20 books in total.


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