Revisiting: What Works – NSPI/ISPI 1990: Tom Gilbert

What Works – From a 6 Pack of Cassette Tapes – NSPI 1990

NSPI is now ISPI. And what these 6 gurus tell us/told us in 1990 – What Works – address the very same things many are still struggling with today in Learning & Development – and Performance Support – and Beyond Instruction via Learning & Performance Support. And that is: What Works?

Same as it ever was.

Back to the Future

Here’s the audio of Tom Gilbert:

The 6 gurus are:

  • Karen Brethower
  • Tom Gilbert
  • Joe Harless
  • Geary Rummler
  • Sivasailam Thiagarajan (Thiagi)
  • Don Tosti

I struggled a bit myself – converting the 6 cassettes back in 2017 – that Marc Rosenberg sent me – to digital files for editing and then posting. The cassettes were 27 years old and the sound isn’t always great – but the messages are. Great back then and still great today IMO. I sat in on 2 of these 6 back in the day. And I’m very happy to be able to share these gems with you.

Sorry about the poor audio in places. Again, the tapes are 27 years old now.

Interesting note: Back in the day HPT – Human Performance Technology was referred to as PT – Performance Technology.

And although the name has changed to Human Performance Technology and Performance Improvement – in 32 years it would seem – from the comments in my SM networks – that little has changed – terms of the struggles/challenges that we who are in this Practice face. That’s why I titled this Back to the Future.


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