Instructional Currentz Video w/ Dan Topf on Business Acumen for L&D Professionals

I’ve known Dan for decades, through NSPI/ISPI. He’s one of those performance-based types, if you know what I mean.

His LinkedIn Profile says:

My expertise is in delivering learning in strategy, marketing, operations, finance, accounting, decision making, and more. All the ways leaders perform to get results. Business acumen is the catalyst for real performance improvement.

So talking with him about L&D Professionals and Business Acumen has been on my punch-list for a couple of years. We finally caught up to do a video on that yesterday.

This video is 30:52 minutes in length.

Resources from Dan

Financial Principles for Non-Financial Roles:

Finance and Accounting for Nonfinancial Professionals (UW):

Connect with Dan

Dan’s LinkedIn Profile:
Website: (Company Website)
Phone: 515-292-2602 (Work)
Location: Ames, IA USA
Twitter: @Dan_Topf

Instructional Currentz Video Series

This video series is intended to focus on current Instructional Systems Design/ Instructional Design/ Learning Experience Design “Topics, Tools, and Techniques” with Thought Leaders and Practitioners.

See the entire collection of Instructional Currentz videos – here.


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