Derive Your Learning Experience Content Requirements Directly From a Model of the Authentic Performance Requirements

Or Why Bother?

Once you’ve documented the Performance Requirements – both the Ideal & Gaps – you can systematically derive the Enabling Knowledge & Skills – for use in your Design and Development efforts – and for use in your post Deployment Evaluation efforts – if your goal was to have a positive Impact on Performance back on the job and to measure that for reporting and for continuous improvement efforts.

The First 4 Mini-Books in This New Series Are Out

The 2nd book, on “performance-based Instructional Analysis” – to feed your Performance Support and/or Learning Experience Designs, is now available as a Kindle, a Paperback, and a Hardback – here.

I’ve published the first 4 of 7 of the 18-20 planned:

  • Intructional Request Intake, Planning & Management
  • Performance-Based Instructional Analysis
  • Performance-Based Instructional Architecture
  • Analyzing Management Performance Requirements

I have the proofs back and will be completing these next 3 books before the end of March 2022:

  • Designing & Developing Performance Support
  • Developing Performance Competence Tests
  • The Facilitated Group Process in L&D

See all of my books on my Amazon Author’s Page – here.


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