Looking For Performance Cycles

Back in the early 2000s, Dale Brethower (who BTW recently passed away last December – RIP) told me he had learned something from me.

I was elated – as I had been learning from him for 20 some years at that point.

He told me he had learned to look for Cycles of Performance – when doing Analysis, from a workshop his wife, Karolyn Smalley (RIP) and I were putting together for ISPI.

I try to determine each Performance Cycle by the Major Outputs in a Process, WorkStream, or WorkFlow.

I capture the details of those Performance Cycle on a Performance Model chart – and have been doing so since 1979.

A GIF – Task Analysis Sometimes Misses the Boat

As sometimes it misses the pier. A focus on Tasks but not the products/deliverables those Tasks produce.

A Short Video

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