Ghost Busted

In 40 years as a Consultant – This was a First.

My First Ghosting

So we exchanged emails after I received a LinkedIn message: Can I help them? Can we talk?

We did. They sent an NDA. I returned it signed. They were then to send me some materials so I could decide where we might work at Adopting and/or Adapting my methods, tools, and techniques that they seemed so interested in. And in a BIG hurry to start and finish.

After I didn’t receive the promised materials – nor was it in my spam folder – I reached out.

It’s coming by this date, was the reply. I put a hold on several days on my calendar for my follow-up.

Then nothing. And no responses to multiple follow-up inquiries either. It’s been 5 weeks now since I last reached out.

The Sounds of Silence. The Sounds of Ghosts.

Is it covid? Did the person move on from that company to another? Did they decide to go with someone else and just couldn’t be bothered to let me know. Are they testing out someone else but wish to keep me on the hook?

Or is this type of behavior just part of their make-up, who they are?

Welcome to Dodge City

Did I just dodge a bullet – as that saying goes?

I can imagine working for this kind of client – as I’ve had the misfortune to do, back in the day.

It’s okay. I’m semi-retired now.

And putting a hold on my calendar just meant I didn’t schedule any video interviews on those days.

And if this meant that I dodged a headache and the stress of not getting done what I might have promised with then a lack of timely response because the client is in a hurry in words but not deeds – then it’s all Very Okay.

I just feel bad for others who have to put up with this kind of nonsense and rudeness in the course of their business.


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