Fluent Performance Competence Means Accuracy & Speed in Producing Worthy Outputs

And isn’t that the goal of L&D? Or, should it be?

My friend Carl Binder has been a huge influence on me since meeting him way back in the 1980s (I think). Or maybe it was the early 1990s. It was at NSPI (now ISPI) and he was a grad student for Skinner, and he preached and practiced the kinds of things that one would expect that would align with Tom Gilbert and Joe Harless, etc.

Carl and the late Og Lindsley presented (separately) at NSPI Conferences (and later ISPI conferences) on Fluency.

Check out Carl’s websites – here – and here.

And see my HPT Videos of him here (2010) – and here (2020).

What Does the Performance Context Demand or Allow?

When the Performance Context demands a Memorized Performance Response – and even when the Performance Context allows for a Referenced Performance Response – we want Performance Competence that is accurate, complete, and appropriate.

And Performance – done with speed, with fluency. And with confidence.

That’s why Practice with Feedback is so important. That’s why Performance Analysis is so important during the overall Analysis effort – before Design Thinking and before Development.

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