A Call to All L&D Content Library Providers

Your offerings – libraries of content covering Knowledge & Skills sans Outputs & Context – require a Far Transfer effort for the Learners – and will also require a segue from that Formal Learning to TAEL – Trial & Error Learning.

That might ultimately be Effective – but will not be very Efficient.

You can do better.

What Can Be Done? What Can You Do?

You can create templates to accompany each of your offerings that would Bookend your Content – to help tremendously with improving the efficiency and effectiveness by making it Near(er) Transfer.

Bookend on the FrontEnd: A Template for Advanced Organizers

These set the learner up. For Learning. There are many ways to do this. You’ll figure it out – and how yours differs from your competitors might give you an advantage in the marketplace.

Begin with the end in mind: Performance Required back-on-the-job.

Create a template for defining the specific, authentic terminal learning objectives, and how they relate to any terminal Performance objectives.

BookEnd on the Backend: A Template for Debriefings & Transfer Planning

A favorite quote of mine from Thiagi – from decades ago, was/is:

“All learning happens in the debriefing”

I like that quote. For it is so true. If learners/Performers don’t consciously reflect on what they have Learned – be it front content at the awareness, knowledge, and /or skill level – was it really learned? For recall – sooner or later?

Your template can help local management structure the Backend for reflections and then the planning and executing the Transfer – back-to-the-job – which might include additional Practice with Feedback on real work, or last week’s real work or some sort of simulation – with someone who can provide reinforcing and corrective feedback and encouragement to persist if applying back on the job isn’t easy.

Why Do This?

To help your generic content get real, real authentic, to improve Transfer and Impact.

That is all.

And isn’t that reason enough?


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