Eureka! A Rediscovery of Guidance & Job Aids

A.K.A.: Performance Aids, Quick Reference Guides, Unregulated SOPs, Performance Support, Electronic Performance Support, and WorkFlow Learning – although “learning” may have little to do with it.

Sometimes one can use the Guidance – and then Forgetaboutit.

Use it and Forgetaboutit!?!

Some Resources

Rummler & Gilbert

1990 – Audio from an NSPI (ISPI) Conference:



1990 – Audio from an NSPI (ISPI) Conference:

1985 –

1978 –


I have many other Blog Posts on this – search this site using the terms: Guidance, Job Aids, or Performance Support.

A Mini-Book

And now I’ve taken a swing at it in a new book.

Is it a swing and a miss? The readers will have to decide.

This book is available – here.

The entire series of Mini-Books can be viewed – here.

And all of my books can be viewed on my Amazon Author’s Page – here.


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