Pivot From Learning Activity Measures to Learning Results Measures

Back in the 1980s, it was “Butts in Seats” that later in the 1990s became “Butts on Sites” – and both measures of T&D and then L&D were derided by people that I looked up to in my professional networks.

Yet still today, due to Poor Practices in L&D, what is reported out when anyone cares to ask, are Activity Measures are touted – which are Lagging Indicators at best – and they’re not always that.

Results Measures are much more interesting – and valid – as they can show the IMPACT of L&D.

Of course that L&D must be produced by repeatable L&D Processes and Practices, and targeted at the Performance of High Stakes Performance – with high Risks and/or Rewards.

Otherwise, no one cares but those deluded into thinking that Activity Measures are meaningful when they don’t lead to Result Measures.

What Results?

Results such as the Measures of Output & Tasks performance in terms of quality metrics, productivity metrics, cost metrics, safety metrics, etc.

You know – how the Enterprise measures those targets in the first place.

Either you are improving those measures/metrics – or you are decoupled from the authentic processes and measurements of the Enterprise.

And if the Enterprise isn’t already measuring your targets?

That’s your first clue that you are probably not working on High Stakes Performance.


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