Reengineering for Remote & Hybrid Process Performance

Perhaps there wasn’t time to look at both the effectiveness and efficiency of your L&D Processes and Practices during the global pandemic. Perhaps now is the time for that kind of examination.

Review each Process and assess its fit for Remote work or Hybrid work. And then look at the Practices within each. Tweak, or revamp as needed, starting with the most critical.

All Processes are not the same in terms of their criticality to your mission.

I’ve recently published a bunch of books – and at least two of them might be helpful in making these assessments.

The first, Assessing the L&D Function takes you through an assessment of 47 Processes in 12 subsystems.

The second will help make sure you are in alignment with your Leadership and THEIR CBIs – Critical Business Issues – and then look at how you might architect (or engineer) your response to those critical needs.

If You’ve Already Mapped and Assessed All of Your Processes – Start Here

See all of my books on my Amazon Authors Page:


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