Analytic Gymnastics in L&D

Analytic Gymnastics – is my derisive term for the process of trying to prove something in a non-straightforward manner – when it could have been, should have been quite straightforward.

Like having to prove ROI on some misguided L&D effort that was inhibited from doing it right, due to time pressures, or client insistence that NO ANALYSIS be performed, or that each possible Learning Styles be addressed, and that no Practice or Evaluation be included at any time.

Now go prove the Return on Investment.

Oh, and the Analytic Gymnast must be handcuffed throughout their performance as well.

Carry on, and good luck.

CRAP L&D = Creative Rushed Analysis Process*

*With Made Up Learning Objectives that had Face Validity to the Unknowing. But it allowed the perpetrators to claim to have done Analysis – when they didn’t do anything more than an “Armchair Analysis” with people who didn’t have a clue about the authentic Performance Requirements from back on the job for their learners. Or what one would need “to know” in order to be able “to do.”

Sorry – Not Sorry.


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