USL – Unobtrusive Spaced Learning – My New Learning Style Preference

Stories – Like Most Things in Life – Can Be Good or Bad.

I’m finding this book – The Story Paradox – fascinating. I’m over halfway to the end.

One item struck me, an old story that I’d heard about decades ago.

Subliminal Messaging

And would it be Near or Far Transfer? I’m always looking to bring the Far Nearer.

USL – Unobtrusive Spaced Learning

Does it hold any promise for USL – Unobtrusive Spaced Learning – for Good, of course?

This just might be my new Learning Style as I’ve never been able to “get ‘er done” via Osmosis Learning.

Oh – Dang! “Myth: Subliminal Messages Can Change Your Behavior

This is a topic that is almost certain to interest students, and one that is ripe for discussion in an introductory psychology class, because the truth behind the claim is complicated. Discussion of this myth provides rich opportunities to integrate topics across research methods, memory, cognition, sensation and perception, and social psychology. It is relevant to students’ daily lives and provides opportunities to discuss applied research in social psychology, behavioral economics, and marketing. This unit is structured to get students to think critically about the claim, the kinds of evidence that would support or refute it, and the underlying psychological mechanisms that would be necessary for the claim to be true.

Oh – and Happy April 1st!


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