Almost 40 Years Doing Performance-Based Curriculum Architecture Design

I’ve been doing Team/Job Performance-Based Instructional Architecture (Curriculum Architecture Design – CAD) since 1981 (while at Motorola) and as an ISD consultant (Performance Analyst & Instructional Architect) since 1982 – on 76 client projects to date. So, 77 in all.

In a few months, I’ll hit that 40-year milestone.

Here’s a Training Magazine article from 1984 (written and submitted in 1983) on the approach way back then:

Here was the original submission:

Here’s a complete set of CAD project deliverables from a 2003 project with the Norfolk Naval Shipyard (for NAVSEA’s US Navy civilians) for Production Supervisors & Zone Managers – paid for by US Taxpayers – with 2 T&D Paths and Individual Planning Guides – to personalize the Path to the specifics of the job assignment and to account for prior knowledge/skills from education & experience:

Supervisor Path

Zone Manager Path

Each Gap “T&D Event” – was documented – using the Analysis Data on what to was to cover (if resourced for build or buy) on a modular Event Spec – and a set of Module Specs (Specifications).

A CAD effort doesn’t produce any new T&D/L&D – it determines the performance-based needs, assesses what exists and might be reused, and established the client’s and stakeholders’ priorities for addressing the gaps. Whatever is left in gap mode – was labeled Unstructured OJT – later known as Informal Learning.

A Path is always accompanied by a Planning Guide.

Here’s my 1999 book, lean-ISD which provides the first set of detail regarding the process, including the Analysis and Project management aspects. And my 2011 update to that book.

4 Phase and 4 Key Deliverables…

CAD efforts are typically planned to be conducted in 4 Phases – and are followed up by an Instructional Development effort. My follow-up is MCD – Modular Curriculum Development/Acquisition…

Webinar Recording from 2020 for ATD Central Florida – 58:35 minutes in length.

The latest book on this Curriculum Architecture Design – or – Instructional Architecture:

See all of my books on my Amazon Authors Page:


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