Video: A Chat with Authors 2022 – Tom Hickmore

I just finished reading this book last month – and thought it was a very useful guide for L&D practitioners who may need to interject some DRAMA into their L&D Videos – and do it right!

Watch & Learn

Everything you need to know to produce great video drama for learning, in one short volume.

The learning sector produces a good deal of video drama, but its knowledge of the form is patchy. As a result, video drama for learning does not have the best reputation. Watch and Learn sets out to change this. Award-winning British veteran of learning and development drama Tom Hickmore, has distilled his many years of experience and study to produce this concise reference aimed at people in the frontline of L&D.

The book builds on the understanding that drama’s principal use in the workplace is to address the overlap of public and private. We all bring our feelings to work, and they need to be managed. Whether we are talking about compliance, where behaviour is a key factor, diversity issues, where we need to promote understanding, or managing people who work in emotionally challenging situations such as healthcare, drama is a powerful tool. Drama can bring these areas of conflict to life in an adult way, stimulating critical thinking and discussion.

Watch & Learn delivers everything you need to design excellent learning drama. Beginning with high level insight into how drama works, it goes on to explain all the fundamental dramatic techniques – from story structure to dialogue and gives an understanding of the cost factors at play. With drama the most expensive form of video, knowledge of how to design cost-effectively is paramount.

Watch & Learn also includes a chapter on one of the most challenging forms of learning drama, the interactive branching scenario. Techniques are discussed in the context of the main challenge of the form – the balance between emotional and intellectual engagement.

The book also includes a review of the relevant learning theory and research, plus real-world case studies.

Each chapter is summarised in a list of learning points, making the book a flexible tool that’s easy to use.

The book is supported by the author’s free online videos including the series What Can TV Teach L&D?

Whether you are a learning designer who wishes to raise their game or an L&D head who wants to know just what drama can do for you, this book will help.

Get the book – here.

The Video

This video is 54:20 minutes in length.

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