Video: Clark & Helmer on WorkFlow Learning Theorists & Practitioners

Donald Clark & John Helmer Podcast from March 2022

Workflow learning, or ‘learning in the flow of work’ as it is often called, is a hot topic these days. In a world where technology delivers fast, personalized information at the point of need, does it really make sense any longer to think of a course as the default unit of learning?

This episode explores theorists and practitioners who strove to take learning out of the classroom and the training suite and situate it in the site of performance itself.


0:00:00 Intro

0:00:55 Introducing workflow learning

0:08:25 Guy W. Wallace

0:14:44 Richard E. Clark

0:31:01 Bob Mosher & Dr. Conrad Gottfredson

0:41:25 Richard Thaler (1945- ) & Cass Sunstein (1954- )

0:54:31 Charles Jennings

1:03:52 Summing Up


This video is 74:55 minutes in length.

The Blog that started it all:…



Mosher & Goddfredson

Thaler & Sunstein


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