Competent Coach Criteria

The other day I suggested that for a manager to be a good coach to their people – they would be required to be fairly familiar with the Processes that their People had to work in.

They wouldn’t necessarily need to be a Master Performer in doing that work – but they’d need to know what Good Looks Like for the Outputs and Tasks necessary in the Processes.

If they didn’t rise through the ranks – rotating through all of the jobs on their team – they’d need to be good analysts and be able to Map their Processes – and define the Processes’

  • Outputs and Stakeholder Requirements
  • Behavioral Tasks and the Stakeholder Requirements
  • Cognitive Tasks
  • Enabling Knowledge & Skills

So – my Criteria for being a Competent Coach – is to be a Competent Analyst.

Otherwise, why would one expect success when “someone who is unknowing coaches someone else who is unknowing?

I think that this new book for mine (from March 2022) might be of help to all managers, supervisors, and team leaders. After all – coaches deliver Instruction.

See this book – here.

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