Video: A Chat with Authors 2022 – Paul Elliott & Al Folsom

I’ve known Paul and Al for at least 3 decades – from our involvement with ISPI – and I’ve known that Paul and Al follow the methods of the late Joe Harless.

In fact, the last time I saw Paul face-to-face was at a dinner he threw in honor of Joe Harless, who had come out of retirement to speak at the 50th anniversary Conference of ISPI – a decade ago – in 2012.

Leveraging the knowledge and skills of exemplary performers has been my practice since 1979 – as I was taught that in my first job out of college. The Rummler approach was only slightly different than the Harless approach – and both are extremely valuable for all ISD/LXD Analysts in an Enterprise Learning Context.

The Book

Exemplary Performance – Driving Business Results by Benchmarking Your Star Performers 2nd Edition

Exemplary Performance provides a model for driving improved business results by replicating the accomplishments of your star performers. The advantage of this approach is that it is derived from the current performance of those stars, so you know that it is possible within your current structure and culture. It also has the advantage of being cost-effective and efficient.

What would it look like if you, as leader and architect of your organization, designed a barrier-free, high-performing work environment and your team’s performance curve shifted optimally to the right? What would be the impact if you closed the gap between average performers and star performers by 10, 20, or 30%? Exemplary Performance provides a model for shifting the performance curve for your own department, team, or organization.

Simply put, shifting the performance curve is all about driving results, enhancing revenue, and improving margins. Our model and methodology allow organizations, their leaders, and associated work teams to capture more value with existing resources. This is the right strategy for these times, clearly differentiating you from your competition. Exemplary performance is not reserved for just a few individuals—it is an achievable goal for the great majority of executives, managers, teams, and individual contributors.

My Review of the 2nd Edition

Exemplary Performance will help you accelerate everyone’s effectiveness more efficiently. Paul and Al carry the work of the late Thomas Gilbert and the late Joe Harless forward for those wishing to become Performance Improvement Consultants, and who need to learn proven approaches in how to formally leverage the knowledge and skills and abilities of their existing top performers to then share those behavioral and cognitive tasks with everyone else to bring overall performance levels higher. 

-Guy W. Wallace

You can check out and/or buy the book – here.

The Video

This video is 34:28 minutes in length.

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