Learning Occurs Over a Series of Learning Events

Events = Experiences IMO

The Answer – is most often a blend of Instruction – a Systems of Instruction – and not a one-off.

And Instruction in my use of the term is inclusive of both Performance Support and Learning Experiences.

What does the Performance Context Demand or Allow?

And what is critical and High Stakes – and what is less so, or even less critical than that?

Leave those to Informal Trial & Error Learning and Informal Social Learning. Save your investments, your conversion of Stakeholder Cash to Content for High Stakes Performance.

When you design top-down, for holistic Learning, you avoid the issues of bottom-up, incremental Learning. IMO. See things not only as a blend, but as a chain.

A chain of Events – or Experiences – as long as your thinking about Learning Experiences includes Resources, Job Aids, and Performance Support – where “learning” may not ever be required, or desired.

Got any volatile content on critical performance?

Some things learned formally get reinforced on the job every day, all day long. Other things, less so to seldom to almost never. Where do you need Spaced/Reinforcing Learning?

My focus is always on the demands of the Performance Competence in the Performance Context. That comes first.

Then the need to Personalize it – but based on the individual’s job assignment AND what they already know. Not on their thoughts about what they need and don’t, or on how they want it dished up to them, or about how much fun or easy it should be. Bag that.

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