My Ratio of Information to Demonstration and Application

Back in the 1980s I made up my Ratio of Information to Demonstration and Application.

It was always in the neighborhood of 30-10-60.

But the hands-on Application Exercises (authentic Practice with Feedback) was always at least 60% if not 70%.

I’d almost always warn my clients and stakeholders of what I would do in the Design Phase if they didn’t stop me. I don’t recall ever being stopped, even after being called upon to explain myself.

And I’d start these warnings in the first of 4 Gate Review Meetings – so there would be two of them before I actually did a Design.

See the Upside-Down Traffic Lights in the next two graphics – which represent Gate Review Meeting with the Project Steering Team.

I’ve recently relabeled MCD – Modular Curriculum Development/Acquisition – my ADDIE-like methodology – to: Instructional Development.

I’ve somewhat – although inconsistently – begun shifting my language back to “Instruction” as it as a term is inclusive of both “Job Aids and Training or Performance Support” and “Learning Experiences” or “Resources and Courses.”

And I never want to forget that unless the Performance Context Demands a Memorized Performance Response – we should ALWAYS default to enabling a Reference Performance Response – if the Performance is even worthy of any level of Formal enablement.

The dialogue that I’d start with my clients and stakeholders would eventually get around to the need to Practice more than once if it was worthy of any practice at all. That would allow me to share my thoughts on 4 levels of Application Exercises.

And I’d often spread out these APPOs (after the INFOs and DEMOs) to do what I learned much later on as “Interleaving” by adding in situational variation and/or complexity – whatever was authentic to the Performance Competence Requirements from back on the job.

I believe that back in the 1980s I might have called it Interweaving – as I tried to start easy-peasy and build up to the full complexity – hellacious or not – that my learner/Performers needed to be prepared to face, back on the job.


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