The Dearth of Good Learning

Or rather, a dearth of “good blended learning” strategies, tactics, and systems of Instructional products – Performance Support and Learning Experiences.

3 Key Problems

This has been a problem since I entered the field in 1979 – the Instructional One-Off.

Plus the non-Performance-Based Instructional Package.

And the Standalone Instructional “Event.”

Chains of Performance-Based Instructional Events

I prefer the design and development of a system of Instruction – top-down versus bottom-up, that reflects the Performance Requirements of the target audience/learners back-on-their-jobs, to better ensure positive Impact in business metrics, and that include multiple Events that set up, deliver, and then reinforce and facilitate Transfer.

I addressed this in my 2020 book…

See that book – here.

See all 28 of my books on my Amazon Authors Page:


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