There Is No Difference Between Managers And Leaders

Forbes article

According to conventional wisdom, there is a clear difference between managers and leaders. Managers are good at processes and numbers, but they can’t inspire and lead people, while that’s what leaders excel at. But is this really so? The answer is no. There is no difference between leaders and managers and insisting on the distinction creates an artificial watershed that is harmful for organizations—the Great Resignation being the latest sign of this.

The Managers Vs. Leaders Myth

If we are to believe social media and the popular business press, including Harvard Business Review articles like this and this), managers and leaders are two entirely different breeds of people. Managers maintain the status quo and focus on efficiency and the short-term. They believe in rationality and control. They persuade and monitor people and rely on systems and processes to turn their leaders’ vision into objectives, KPIs and results. Leaders, on the other hand, inspire. They see opportunities, follow their intuition and believe in empowerment. They coach, challenge and grow their people, focus on the long-term and are the initiators of innovation and change.

This distinction is a myth. And as far as it is real, it describes a problem rather than something to promote and embrace. It is a good (leader) vs. bad (manager) stereotype that has limited, if any value. Or worse. 

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I never understood the separation of Managers and Leaders. A Distinction without much Difference IMO. And regardless – they needed to be Competent at their Performance Requirements.

So – focus on that.

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