Muscling In on Informal Learning

Informal Learning – doesn’t need anything from the L&D Function – IMO.

Unless of course that we believe that it must be augmented or administrated by L&D in some form or fashion. But that makes it less Informal, no?

And while we might see a gap in what the business/the Enterprise has put into place that facilitates – or inhibits – Informal Learning – we should encourage the use of tools, etc., that are already in place, that people already use to get their work done.

Enabling Informal Learning

Back in 2017 or so – I flipped the 70-20-10 Reference Model to 10-20-70 – as I felt that getting people started on their roles in High Stakes Performance via Formal Learning was better than inadvertently suggesting the opposite.

I do believe that it is a Business Decision – ultimately decided by business leaders – what to address formally and what to leave to informal means of learning – as they live with the consequences.

And that includes what to spend on the Formal vs Informal means of learning how to Perform Competently in the Processes, Workstreams, or WorkFlows.


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