Supervisor Survival Skills 102

This would be 102 – as in 101, there might be more important things to learn – such as time off, timesheets, payroll, and making decisions and resolving any issues. That list goes on – context depending.

I’ve conducted over 20 Management Performance Analysis efforts as a consultant since 1982. And then designed a T&D/Learning/Development Path.

The front-end – for OnBoarding before OnGoing development – always includes Orientations to the Enterprise and then the Job and then Immediate Survival Skills.


Immediate Survival Skills – as decided by the Design Team that can and should include Master Performers, Other Subject Matter Experts, Supervisors, and Novice Performers – as who can have greater EMPATHY for what new supervisors/managers NEED to LEARN?

From a 1984 article in Training Magazine … that I co-authored…

Books on This

A Manager’s Guide to Improving Workplace Performance – by Roger Chevalier (2007)

See that book on Amazon – here.

Stepping Up: A Road Map for New Supervisors – by Miki Lane (2007)

See that book on Amazon – here.

And my recent book from last month (2022) – which provides a framework (IMO) for analyzing the supervisor’s/manager’s job – updated from a book first published in 2004 and updated in 2010:

See that book on Amazon – here.

And this recent book on performance-based Instructional Analysis – also from 2022.

See that book on Amazon – here.

See all 28 of my books on my Amazon Authors Page:


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