Boldly Timid or Timidly Bold?

I Beg To Differ – is a lame rebuttal if that is your only response. And it’s “a tell.”

This happened to me twice on LinkedIn in the last 6-8 months. Where my post which had to do with Race where obliquely, timidly attacked by two individuals – who I have new “canceled” from my online life.

Life is just too damn short for their bullshit.

I addressed my sentiments on Race and Racism in my Podcast with Gary DePaul – #13 in his collection of over 140 podcasts to date in Unlabeled Leadership.

In Episode 13, Guy Wallace encourages us to think about our mission, establishes some firm boundaries to instill inclusiveness, and prefaces what we communicate with declarations.

00:00 Prologue: Preserving Legacies through Video Stewardship

While Guy has consulted with several clients about performance improvement, most of his consulting has been performance-based instruction. More substantial, Guy has contributed towards curating knowledge about instructional systems design, performance-based instructional analysis, and curriculum architecture design. He has published 135 videos of performance improvement practitioners, researchers, and professors. You can access the recording on the HPT Treasures website (Human Performance Technology).

00:00 Part 1: The Revelation at the Fantail Watch

The mission, purpose, or your why (if you prefer) influences how we behave. Guy relates a story that occurred during his service in the Navy.

00:00 Part 2: Inclusiveness Boundaries

For inclusiveness to flourish, we need clear boundaries. Crossing the boundaries can invite toxic behaviors, which could trigger disruption within a team, group, or organization. Before diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) became popular, Guy overtly promoted these concepts.

00:00 Part 3: Clarify with Declarations

We all could improve how we communicate. As we mature how we build relationships, learning communication techniques help. Guy shares such a technique called declarations.

My Shipmate from the USN – 1972-1975

We hadn’t talked since early October 1975 when we finally caught up with each other in August 2019. He came for a 3-day visit. Covid has temporarily disrupted our planned get-togethers.

Here is a post about what this man did for me back in 1973 – when we were both boys:

Cowboys and White Boys


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