I Was Jealous – So I Found Some Old Video From The Netherlands From 1990 and 1991

Friends Bob Mosher and Donald Clark were posting pictures the other day from their travels in The Netherlands on Facebook – and I asked Bob, “Where’re the windmills?” He replied, “Tomorrow.”

And after seeing those I located my videos from 2 of my business trips to The NL from way back in 1990 and 1991 and posted them to Facebook in a fit of jealous rage (JK).

So here are some excerpts…from the shortest video to the longest… and please remember that video cameras weren’t as good in 1990 as they are today.

Jaguar – 1991

My 8-Day Course That I Facilitated – 1990

Windmills – 1990

Tulips Fields – 1991

In October I’ll be speaking at L&D Talks in Brussels – Covid depending – and I hope to take some better photos and videos of my locale – if I have any free time.

See information about that conference – here.


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