L&D Maturity Model 2022

I’m a process kind of guy. Always have been. That’s why the work of the late Geary A. Rummler and the late W. Edwards Deming appealed to me. And the Maturity Model applied to IT and its processes.

To me, it’s all about Performance Competence Impact.

My first post about this was back in 2009 – here. And then an update in 2020 – here.

This video is 4:19 minutes in length.


The maturity of the Processes in T&D/L&D has been a focus of mine since I first started assisting clients in revamping their processes back in the mid-1980s – when they were trying to update their departmental Job Descriptions and Performance Reviews – to make them more “performance-based” – but we ran afoul of HR (Personnel) and their policies regarding such – so what we produced was used as part of an orientation for their new hires instead.

My 2001 book addressed the 47 Processes based on that mid-1980s work.

My recent 2022 book also addresses the 47 Processes, in 12 sub-systems of an L&D function.

See all 28 of my books on my Amazon Authors Page: https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B08JQC4C4V


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