The Learning Hack Podcast – with Guy W. Wallace

With host John Helmer. Recorded in April 11, 2022. Posted May 9, 2022.

What it really means to have a performance-focused orientation in L&D

This episode will be highly relatable to anyone who works in L&D within organizations, but is of more general interest too. Now semi-retired, Performance Analyst and Instructional Architect Guy W. Wallace proves more than happy to spill the beans about the wiliness that is often need to keep programmes on track amidst the sturm und drang of corporate politics and misapprehensions about learning in the C-suite.

Guy has been designing Enterprise Learning since 1979, has been a partner/owner at 3 consulting firms, and has served more than 80 consulting clients, primarily in the Fortune 500. In 2010 he received the Honorary Life Member Award from the International Society for Performance Improvement.

The Audio Version

The Video Version


00:00 Intro

03:09 Guy’s backgound and career highlights

17:59 First Exposure to Human Performance Technology (HPT)

27:30 Guy’s influences 35:21 What would be his ‘elevator pitch’?

38:17 What is he working on at the moment?

40:10 Misused terms in learning?

46:35 Guy’s 3 top tips for taking a performance-oriented approach to learning

51:22 End

This video is 51:23 minutes in length.

Thanks, John!

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Twitter: @johnhelmer



Download the white paper from Learning Pool written by John Helmer – The Spacing Effect: Harnessing the Power of Spaced Practice for Learning That Sticks…

Jumping the Shark

John used to be in a punk rock band back in the 80s – The Piranhas. And there are many videos are available on YouTube for your nostalgic amusement!

Jumping the Shark is an American Cultural Reference that you just might have to Google.


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