Performance Improvement Consulting Always Looks and Often Goes Beyond Instruction

I see many who conflate Performance-Based Instruction/ Training/ Learning with Performance Improvement Consulting (PIC) – when PIC looks at all of the variables of Performance to determine what the Gaps are in the Current State and decides which to target for improvement efforts.

My mashup of Gilbert & Ishikawa…

And Deming said that 94% of problems are rooted in The System – not individual performers. So no one should automatically default to Instruction-Training-Learning as the prime solution. Ever. Unless the request was for addressing the needs of New Hires – or people who have never been trained (it happens).

There are Total PIC and Partial PIC – just as in the past I wrote and spoke about Total Quality Management and Partial Quality Management (TQM and PQM).

Back in 1979 I used Gilbert’s BEM which I then informally mashed-up with the Ishikawa Diagram in 1981. But it wasn’t until the late 1980s that I more formally portrayed my mash-up, in a diagram (lost now to the failed hard-drive gods) but that made its way into my business partner’s and my 1994 book, The Quality Roadmap (now out of print but sometimes available used).

No matter what level of Performance one is targeting – Worker, WorkFlow, WorkPlace, or the World – Performance Competence can be stated and measured in the same manner – by the Output – which is an Input downstream – based on the Stakeholders’ Requirements.

Go For Performance!


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