Career Planning and The Staffing & Succession Systems Both Require Data

Those who understand something about MRP – Materials Requirements Planning, and MRP II – Manufacturing Requirements Planning, and ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning know that those systems require data to operate and be worthwhile.

It’s always amazed me that the Systems that HR has relied on to do the same for the Human variable in their operations – a subset of what an ERP System should have accomplished IMO – have not applied the kind of rigor needed to populate those systems with Worthy Data.

The Worthy Data – to me – would link back to the Outputs that people produce – and would include the Knowledge & Skills required – and that data would feed the Human Enabler Provisioning Systems – in my EPPI Models and Methods.

ERP Systems manage all the stinkin’ details of materials from the systems to the products to the assemblies to the sub-assemblies to the components to the piece parts – but the HR component seems to have fallen well short of doing likewise.

Therefore they can’t help people find a Career Path and define what needs to be mastered to prepare for that – or address it after taking the new job.


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